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Expanding Access to Higher Education in Haiti
Mobile Technology
Mobile Money Moves Ahead
Communication Technology
SMS application created out of necessity for Haiti gets free license for global deployment
Job Creation
Project provides disabled community with jobs and source of income

Trilogy International Partners Sells Haiti Operating Company Voilà

APRIL 2, 2012: Trilogy International Partners announced today that it has sold its operating company in Haiti, operating under the brand name Voilà, to the Digicel Group. Trilogy is pleased to announce that the Voilà Foundation will continue its award-winning humanitarian work in Haiti as an independent...


Award for Humanitarian Excellence from Cinema for Peace

Cinema for Peace Foundation presents the first ever Award for Humanitarian Excellence to Trilogy International Partners, Sean Penn, Cheryl Mills and Arcade Fire for the response to the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010 and raises a total of $5 million for J/P HRO through a combination of donations,...


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